Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Watermarble decal

Hey chicas. 
Today I have for you a tutorial on how to make watermarble decals. I've done these about twice before. I've seen it done many times and I don't know who started it originally so I don't really know who to credit. If you know comment below :)

So ever make a watermarble design that looks so pretty but then find out you just can't transfer that to your nails? It either gets all goopy, the colors mix into eachother after sticking your finger in, or you just don't want to deal with the mess of cleaning up. I know there's many variations of liquid latex/peel off glue being sold right now, but I don't have any of them. I either use tape, school glue, or harass my joliepolish brush from Joliepolish lol. 

So if you don't want to deal with any of that make some decals :)

For this design I really wanted to use specific colors because I thought they would look great together. After trying three times I said f*** this I'm making a decal!! Lol. 

Here's what was used.

-Zoya Anchor base coat 
-For my base OPI Alpine Snow
-Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, bubblegum pink, mellow yellow, and golden-I
-NYC grand central station
-Pink Malibu clean up brush from Joliepolish (etsy)

Not pictured
-A small cup (empty applesauce cup)
-Room temp tap water
-a needle to make the design

The one color that kept messing up after dipping my finger in was Golden-I. That's why I decided to go this route.

Get the polishes you're going to use first. I find that most Sally Hansen Xtreme wear polishes work really well for watermarbling.

-add a drop of polish of every color one after the other 
-using a toothpick, dotting tool or needle make the design you want
-let it dry for a couple min. I let mine dry for about 30 min
-once the decal has hardened take it out and cut the part of the design you want to use. The good thing about this is you can use more parts of the design for the rest of your nails if you want.
-add a little top coat to your base and stick the decal to your nail
-clean around your cuticule with a brush dipped in acetone
-top coat

And you're DONE!! 

Easy right? Have you tried making watermarble decals before? I hope this helps someone out there! Any questions please ask! Hope you guys enjoyed this post. See you next time :)

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