Friday, March 13, 2015

More Shinespark Polish!

I meant to post this early this morning but life got in the way!

I've two more swatches of Shinespark Polish to share with you. These were also purchased by moi :)

Left: Magento
Right: Silence Surprise

First up we have Silence Surprise. Here's the description from the creator herself:
A beautiful indigo jelly (blurple, if you will!) with a lovely holographic flair, Silence Surprise holds its holo secret well until it hits the sunlight! 

I did the same as my other swatches. 2 coats over a white base plus top coat on index and middle finger. Ring and pinky I did 3 coats. I feel like using an undie helps make it more opaque. It's light so it takes a couple coats to build up.

I took a quick photo outside but the sun was about to hide. My photos don't do this one justice. It's a beautiful jelly with scattered holo glitter!

The second polish is Magento. I freaking love this one! I don't have anything like it so that may be a reason why I love this one so much.

Description from its creator:
A beautiful magenta holographic polish, Magento is one that will get people talking! Subtly shimmery indoors, this polish declares its shine in the sunlight!

And she's totally right! You don't see the sparkles as much indoors but it's there!

Again I used a white base on index and middle finger followed by two coats plus top coat. Ring and pinky only used two coats plus top coat. Formula is amazing in this one!

Took a quick snapshot outside. I did this one before Silence Surprise so I caught a little bit of the sun, but one of my neighbors was walking towards the entrance. I panicked and felt like she was judging me lol! So again my photo doesn't do this one justice! :( 

I did take one with flash indoors though. No white base two coats plus top coat.

I love this! Did I say that already? I think I did! I can't wait for summer! I would wear this all summer long! But I won't because I don't want to finish the bottle! Unless I get some backups ;)

What do you guys think of these? Check out more swatches of these polishes on @shinesparkpolish Instagram and on her website.

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