Tuesday, March 10, 2015

St Patrick's Day nails

I finally have my lightbox and my lighting got ten times better with the new bulbs I got! Yay! Now just gotta figure out where I'm going to be setting my hand for the photos! 

So today I have for you some St. Patrick's Day nails. A stamped gradient over a gradient. Awesome! 

Look at how different this photo looks from the rest!

Here is what I used for this design.
Zoya anchor base coat
Zoya Tomoko pixie dust
OPI Amazon Amazoff 
China Glaze Shore enuff
MPolish Apricot Delight, Sweetclover and Bells of Ireland
Seche vite fast drying top coat
Pueen plate SE03A
Stamper and scraper 
Clean up brush
Latex free make up wedge

Wish I would've taken photos as I went a long but I totally forgot!

Here's a collage I did to try to decide which pose to use. I went with the usual with the help of my nail friends :)

And an outside shot.

So what do you guys think about the design? The pose? The lighting? Hope you guys like how everything is turning out. Thank you for stoping by :)

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