Thursday, August 13, 2015

Bornprettystore Diamond Glitter review

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Hey lovelies! 

Today's nail art is glitter placement using loose diamond glitter from Item #20279.

I took a macro of the glitter inside the little round case it comes in.

Item #20279

Isn't it beautiful?!

I started with a base of Color Club Halo-graphic.

Color Club Halo-graphic 

This is two coats plus top coat in direct sunlight. I love it!

Macro in lightbox (2 daylight bulbs)

Color Club Halo-graphic macro

I really had no idea how I was going to place the glitter. I did what I always do. Just wing it lol. 

Here's the final result.

I started by dumping some glitter out onto a sheet of paper (this way it's easier to dump them back in) and picking which color glitter I was going to use. I decided on two colors. 

I applied some clear polish (Wet n Wild clear) over my holo base on my middle finger. With a dotting tool I started placing the pink diamonds in a line straight down my nail. When it seemed the clear polish was beginning to dry I applied a bit more. Then I did the same thing on each side of the pink glitter with the light purple glitter. 

When I reached the end of my nail I cut some of the glitters with a nail clipper in half. I placed those at the top by my cuticules and to the tip of the nail. I did this same thing with my ring finger.

On my other nails I placed them in a dotticure pattern. 

I really loved the end result. There's so much you can do with this type of glitter!

Some macros:

This item is #20279 from You can use my code SMPX31 for 10% off regular priced items. They offer free shipping world wide!

Hope you guys liked this. Thank you for reading. I'll leave you with another look at this glitter placement :)

**press sample**

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  1. Wow! This design turned out so pretty. I need to buy some diamond loose glitters!! (Especially since everyone uses them in snowflake designs haha...)

    1. Thank you so much! I'll be doing snowflake patterns in the winter too :)

  2. Love this! =D I especially love the diamonds matching the polish on the side, looks like it’s fading in or something. Really creative!