Saturday, August 8, 2015

Aztec Print Nails

Hi my friends!

Today's nails are aztec/tribal print featuring Zoya Dream. First of all let me tell you that these were way harder than I thought. Why do I always do this to myself? lol

Ok let's start out by showing you a swatch of Zoya Dream.

Zoya Dream
This polish is gorgeous! I don't use it enough as I would like to. Dream can be best described as a deep blue polish with holographic glitter throughout. Swatch shows two coats plus top coat. I couldn't get a photo of it in the sun but trust me it's beautiful!

This is what I did over it. Made me kind of sad that most of it got covered up though.

Design was done freehand with white acrylic paint and a bit of pink acrylic paint. I didn't have a design planned out. I kind of just went a long with it. I started out with three lines across my nails and went from there. I made lots of mistakes but the good thing about acrylic paint is that you can wash it off or scrape it off and start over. Even though my lines aren't straight and not all my nails came out the same I like the outcome.

 What do you guys think of this look? Like it, not for you? 

That's it for today lovelies! Thanks for reading. See you soon :)

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