Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Essie Nail Polish: Treat Love & Color Part 1


A couple weeks ago I received a package from Preen.me and Essie. I received 13 TLC shades. In January Essie released 24 new Treat Love & Color shades. Treat Love & Color is an advanced 1 step care and color formula which means no base coat or top coat are needed. In a week nails are instantly brighter and stronger. I'm actually excited to try these since my nails have been breaking a lot and have been peeling.

I received different finishes, from cremes, shimmers, and sheers and various colors. I will be showing 8 of the 13 today and the rest later this week.

Essie Treat Love & Color
 (From the box) Strengthener for normal to dry/brittle nails specially formulated to actively care for and help reinforce the nail.

Key benefits:
*No base coat or top coat needed
*Stronger nails in just one week: less peeling, less breakage
*Contains optically brightening pigments to instantly perfect, adding color and glow to nails
Breathable care formula infused with collagen and camellia extract

Tone It Up
 Tone It Up- Plum taupe cream. Perfectly opaque in one coat.

Mint Condition
 Mint Condition- Mint sage cream. Two coats

Power Punch Pink
 Power Punch Pink-Bright carnation pink cream. Two coats

Loving Hue
 Loving Hue-Rose quartz shimmer. Two coats

Tonal Taupe
 Tonal Taupe-beige taupe with golden shimmer. Two coats

Tinted Love
 Tinted Love-coral peach sheer with golden shimmer. Three thin coats.

 Laven-Dearly-tinted lavender sheer with fuchsia shimmer. Three thin coats.

Sheers To You
Sheers To You- sheer pink blush with shimmer through out. Three thin coats.

I love all of these colors. The brush and the formula are great. I really like the brush! I've been wearing Sheers To You for a couple days now. Such a soft pretty color.

What's your thought on these? Let me know below.

These are available at essie.com $10 You might be able to find them at Ulta also.

*Compliments of Essie as part of the Preen Me Vip program from preen.me. All opinions are my own

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