Thursday, April 7, 2016

INM Out The Door nail Lacquer Swatch & Review

I'm back!

I have some polishes from INM Out The Door Nail Lacquer to show you guys. I was very excited when I received this package! I have never used any of their products before.

INM (International Nail Manufacturers) must have product has been their Out The Door top coat, which I also received to review. They also provide acrylic sculpting systems, gel systems, odorless acrylic systems, colored acrylics, lacquers and gel polish.

I received some of their core line polishes to review along with base coat, top coats and a pen corrector which I will show you guys in another post. So let's get started on the polishes.

INM Out The Door 

Vanilla Zilla
Vanilla Zilla is an off white, very light grey creme polish. This could be a one coater with careful application. For best results I did two thin coats plus Out The Door top coat.

Celine's Jelly Bean
Celine's Jelly Bean is a soft pink creme polish. My swatch shows two thin coats plus Out The Door top coat.  I love pink polishes and this is one has great formula.

Tangerine Dream
Tangerine Dream is a red orange polish with an almost jelly like formula. My swatch shows two thin coats plus Out The Door top coat. A third coat may be needed if you aren't a fan of VLN (visible nail line). My nails are short so I had no problems with that.

Bananigans is a bright yellow creme polish. My swatch shows two thin coats plus Out The Door top coat. I really like this yellow.

Green Machine
Green Machine is an olive green shade. My swatch shows two thin coats plus Out The Door top coat. Honestly I'm not a fan of these types of greens on myself. But I don't have anything like this so I will definitely use it in nail art.

Huckleberry Fairy
Huckleberry Fairy is a dark indigo creme polish. My swatch two thin coats plus Out The Door top coat. This does stain the cuticles a bit so be careful with application. I didn't have any staining on my actual nails so that's a plus for me.

These all had wonderful formulas. Most could be one coaters if you do thick coats. I'm sure they would be great for stamping. I enjoyed most of the colors.

The top coat does dry quick, it has a strong odor but I think that's pretty common with fast drying top coats. It's definitely different than Seche Vite which is what I have always used but I will be using this one for a bit to see how well it lasts.

You can find Out The Door top coat at your local Sally's Beauty Supply. I'm not exactly sure if the polishes can be found at a local retail but you can shop through 
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Thank you for reading. Hope you guys enjoyed this post. I promise to get back to a regular posting schedule soon!


  1. I love, love, love the pink. I love Bananigins too!

  2. LOVE Green Machine. I didn't realize they made polish, I've only heard of their topcoat!

    1. I didn't know either until a few months ago.

  3. That pink is gorgeous. <3 Beautiful swatches. :-)

  4. I actually like Green Machine the most out of these, lol!

  5. All stunning shades, that pink I'd lush x

  6. Oooh, Green Machine looks really unique! I may have to pick that one up!

  7. I love the topcoat they have but didn't know they did polish!

  8. Tangerine Dream is my jam, I love it so much! Your swatches are gorgeous!

  9. I always forget they make polish. I never see it in stores, just their top coat. I'd definitely pick up Green Machine. I cant resist a dirty olive green!

  10. These are beautiful!! Great swatches love!

  11. These are beautiful!! Great swatches love!