Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Holiday Bling Nails!

Hi my loves! 

Can you guys believe its December already? My birthday month! 

Christmas is getting closer so I have these holiday blingy nails to show you guys. I was sent these shiny rhinestones from Bornprettystore to review (item #21586) and I actually couldn't think of how to use them at first but I loved the end result! Keep reading after the break to see what I did with them.

Item #21586

These rhinestones are really pretty. They're very shiny and sort of multi-colored and they come in different sizes, which I really like!

I used two coats of Zoya Amal from the Matte Velvet Holiday 2015 collection without top coat as my base. Then I looked for the two smallest sizes for three of my nails. I added a bit of matte top coat near my cuticle where the rhinestones were going to go. I added three to each nail except the ring finger. I had no idea what I was going to do with that one!

I added some matte top coat and just started adding the rhinestones. I was going for a necklace type look I guess. 

Zoya Amal

Here is the finished look. I loved it! I didn't add any top coat over the rhinestones. If I wanted to wear this for more than a day I would've just added more top coat when placing them. That works very well for me  and I'm very rough with my hands. I think these will be my Christmas nails!

Bornprettystore item #21586

No macro but here's a closer look at my ring finger. I was very pleased with it. item #21586

Zoya Amal
Bornprettystore rhinestones

I was having so much fun photographing this mani! Lol Seriously loved it! I love blingy nails!

Get your own blingy rhinestones here! Don't forget to use code SMPX31 for 10% off regular priced items. has free shipping world wide!

Read my Zoya Matte Velvet review here.

Thank you so much for reading! Happy polishing ;)

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  1. Gorgeous! It's my birthday month too, what's your day? :)

    1. Thank you! It's all the way at the end of the month, the 29th :)

  2. Yay for Birthday Month! These are stunning, I can never get my gems to look so well spaced!

  3. The matte velvet finish and these gems work beautifully together x

  4. These rhinestones are really pretty! I also love the matte finish.

  5. I love what you've done with the rhinestones! gorgeous!

  6. That's lovely,I love the mate finish with the stone that's a great combo

  7. So pretty and perfect for a holiday party.

  8. So glitzy and perfect for the holiday!