Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Day of the Dead stamped sugar skulls

Day of the Dead is getting closer and I wanted to do some nail art for it. The collection by Envy Lacquer the Sugar Skull collection was perfect for this look. The Sugar Skull collection is available now at

Keep reading to see how I created this look.

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Sugur skulls for Day of The Dead

macro glossy version

macro glossy version

I used these two images from Pet'la plate Calaveras. They're my favorite images from that plate.

Pet'la Plate Calaveras

Since the images are large and don't fit my nails right I shrunk the images using a tutorial by nailstamp4fun. I shrunk them and stamped them onto my pink DRK nails mat pictured below. I had to buy the pink one because pink! I think I might be getting a clear one as well.
DRK nails mat
I applied some top coat to the mat first. I stamped several images in case some didn't turn out, but I ended up using all four. I then filled in all the tiny flowers with several polishes from Envy Lacquer using a small dotting tool. Then I top coated the decal. I'm not sure if that's what you do, but that's what I did. I waited a couple minutes for the decals to dry. Once they were dry I painted a base of Illuminacion (white) from Envy Lacquer and waited for it to be a bit dry. I peeled off one of the decals and trimmed the sides a bit. Applied it to my nail and with a brush dipped in acetone I started melting the excess off. Once done I applied a generous amount of seche vite top coat.

I repeated this on the next three nails. On the remaining nails I used Golletes by Envy. I really love the way these turned out. You see the images very well. I actually wore this for several days. I preferred the matte version though.

Sugar skulls matte

matte version macro

matte version macro

Below is a mani I did with out shrinking the images and you can see how the images are too large for my nails. I tried tilting the image on my middle finger so the face would show up a bit better.
Dia de Los Muertos sugar skulls

I hope you guys enjoyed this look. Do you prefer matte or glossy? Have you ever tried to shrink an image for stamping?

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Happy polishing!

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  1. Omg awesome. Your stamping skills are so good.

  2. Awesome stamping!! This is a beautiful mani!

  3. I love them matte, but I love them both ways. You put a sugar skull on something and I'm sold. haha

  4. That's a very pretty mani ! I love your stamping, they're perfect :)

  5. Very pretty! That mat is PINK!

    1. Thank you! Yes pink! :) I think it's out of stock right now :(

  6. These are so beautiful! Awesome work Ana.

  7. Wow this mani is so pretty! BTW I never knew you could shrink the image while stamping