Monday, September 14, 2015

Pet'la plate vs fake Pet'la plate

**Press Sample**

Pet'la Plate and it's creator Petra are located in Hungary. Pet'la plates are designed and handmade by Petra and her team. Pet'la plates are made from copper so they're a bit thick and heavier than your normal stamping plate.

Today I'm comparing a Pet'la plate Tu-Turkey-Key and a wannabe fake plate BCN-003. There were two fake Pet'las being sold on some sites. This one and the other was Golden Russian. Golden Russian was found on Bornprettystore as BCN-006 but has since been pulled from their site. It was also found on and but I wasn't able to find either of these two plates on their site. I'm sure they might still be out there.

Fake plate on the top and real Pet'la on the bottom
The fakes come with a blue film over them.

Real Pet'la plates are beautifully etched and made from copper. The fake plate is stainless steel, very thin and you can barely feel the etching. The fakes even come with Pet'las signature.

Up close of the copied signature

I'm not an expert stamper at all and I did my best to do everything the same for both plates. I used MPolish Cayuga for stamping and my go to stamper I bought a year ago, I used a credit card for scraping and I rolled the stamper to pick up the images. I cleaned my stamper with a lint roller after each stamp. So let's get started.

Pet'la Plate on the left, fake plate on the right

Pet'la Plate on the left, fake plate on the right

Pet'la Plate on the left, fake plate on the right

As you can see the middle image isn't even the same here.

Pet'la Plate on the left, fake plate on the right

The images on the real Pet'la plate picked up very well. They're darker and cleaner. I noticed that the images on the fake are a tiny bit smaller, the lines aren't as clean and they're much lighter.

Getting the real thing is so worth it! The quality of Petra's plates is fantastic! I bought a couple of her plates in group buy a couple months ago and I've used them a lot. I recently placed another order with another friend and I can't wait to get those. 

You can find Pet'la plates on

Thanks for reading :)

**Press sample. Plates were sent free of charge in exchange for review. I was not compensated. All opinions are my own.**

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  1. Great review, you can really tell a huge difference in the way the petla plate picks up!

    1. Thank you! Yes there's really not much to explain.

  2. Your stamping is flawless Ana. Great review and attention to detail.

  3. Great review Ana! I can't believe they even copied her signature.