Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Frances Five holiday collection by Empressmm swatch & review

I have a new collection from Empress by Mya Michele to show you today. The Frances Five holiday collection. This collection consists of five polishes; Hot Cocoa, Shimmery Candy Cane, Golden Carols, By the Fireplace and Midnight Kiss. These polishes are meant to be worn over a black base or similar dark colored base to make the color stand out more.

Let's get started.

Frances Five collection

Hot Cocoa:
Hot Cocoa

Hot Cocoa macro
Hot Cocoa has brown and gold shimmer through out. Swatch shows two thin coats over a black base. 

By the Fireplace:
By the Fireplace

By the Fireplace macro

By the Fireplace has brown, gold and some shifty micro shimmer throughout. Swatch shows two thin coats over a black base.

Midnight Kiss:
Midnight Kiss

Midnight Kiss macro

Midnight Kiss is a darkened green with black undertones. Swatch shows two thin coats over a black base.

Golden Carols:
Golden Carols

Golden Carols macro

Golden Carols is a golden shimmery polish. Swatch shows two thin coats over a black base. I'm sure this one could be sponged on to make it opaque. Would also look great over red or green.

Shimmery Candy Cane:
Shimmery Candy Cane

Shimmery Candy Cane macro

Shimmery Candy Cane is a pink shimmery polish with pink scattered pink micro glitter. Swatch shows two thin coats over a similar base. 

It's a beautiful collection and the only downside is that they have to be used over a dark base. I'm sure some people don't mind doing that. They could be used on their own if you don't mind visible nail line. I think they would be great for pond manis and stampwhiches too. I'll have to do some looks with these soon.

What do you guys think of this collection?

The Frances Five holiday collection will be available at for $4 each (15ml). They are discounted for the reason that they need to be layered.

Thank you for reading and happy painting :)

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**Press sample. Items provided free of charge in exchange for photos and review. All opinions are my own**


  1. Shimmery Candy Cane is my favorite. Your swatches are lovely.

  2. I've never heard of this brand! Gorgeous collection though, love your swatches

  3. Great swatches! I love shimmery candy cane!

  4. Hot cocoa is right up my alley for fall colors!

  5. Gorgeous collection and swatches x

  6. Lovely swatches, I normally don't like pink but this pink is so pretty!

  7. I have never heard of this brand before, but I need Hot Cocoa!!

  8. I've never heard of this brand but I love the way Golden Carols looks layered.

  9. By The Fireplace is everything! Gorgeous swatches!

  10. Thanks Ana for posting and thanks everyone for your comments!

  11. I've never heard of this brand before bu it is indeed a beautiful collection!

  12. Beautiful swatches and collection. I'll definitely be looking into these given the great price!