Thursday, July 23, 2015

Bestie Triplet Nails

Hello lovelies! 

So I've been wanting to blog about my nail art again like I did in the beginning. I thought I would start back up again with these BTN I did with some friends on Instagram 
@polished_ink and @baes_nails

We knew we wanted to use M Polish stamping polish. This was a group custom from Facebook. The custom is called Berry Best Friends. It's a  Berry colored holographic stamping polish! Love it!

After we decided we were going to do stamping we needed to decide on the base color and the image. I took some inspiration from an orange colored dress I found on Pinterest. So our base color was going to be an orange-y color.

Picking the image was a bit tougher because we don't all have the same stamping plates. How is that possible?

Anyway we finally decided on an image that looked similar. The original image I wanted to use was too small for all my nails so I picked a different one. 

All this took a couple days. I love the result and seeing them all together! 

Here is my solo:

The base I used was Shinespark Polish Traditional The Grace. The image is from Moyou London ProXL-10

Close up:

Have you done twin/triplet/quad nails with anyone? What do you think of them? 

Hope you guys like our BTN. Thank you for reading. See you soon :)

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