Monday, January 16, 2017

Zoya Nail Polish Naturel 3 Collection Swatch & Review


I'm back with a swatch and review of the Zoya Naturel 3 Collection. This collection includes three lipsticks also. I had been wanting to swatch this collection since I received it but I got very busy and then my nails kept breaking. I finally had a little time to swatch but I swatched these on my right hand and I feel like they're not that great. I felt like such a newb lol.

Anyway let's get to it. All of these were two coats plus topcoat.

Zoya Nail Polish Tatum
 Tatum is a medium light nude cream with a warm base.

Zoya Nail Polish Cathy
Cathy is a light pinky nude cream. 

Zoya Nail Polish Jill
 Jill is a lighter mauve cream nude.

Zoya Nail Polish Mary
 Mary is a medium raisin cream.

Zoya Nail Polish Gina
 Gina is a medium brown natural cream. I love this one!

Zoya Nail Polish Debbie
 Debbie is a plum brown creme. Another favorite of mine.

And here are the three lipsticks that are included in the collection.

 Paisley is an easy to wear, blush-rose hydrating neutral cream.

Cameron is a hydrating nude neutral with a cream finish.

Maxwell is a deep plum color with subtle metallic fleck.

I really enjoyed this collection. I love the darker colors, the lighter ones I feel like they don't go well with my skin tone. The formulas are great. The darker shades could be one coaters if you do a thicker coat.

I love love the lipsticks. My everyday lipstick would be Paisley. I love Maxwell as well. What do you guys think of this collection? Do you like any of the Zoya lipsticks? Let me know below!

This collection is available now at

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