Monday, December 18, 2017

Special Edition Kisses Collection by Zoya Nail Polish

Special Edition 2017 Kisses pastel jellies!
These are so pretty and soft looking. Makes me want spring already even though we're in the middle of winter! This is a trio which includes Vickie a gray jelly, Libby a lavender jelly and Princess a pink jelly. But you can also get it as a quad which includes the topper Leia. Leia is from the Petals spring 2016 collection.

So lets take a quick look at my swatches.

Zoya Vickie
 Vickie is a milky gray jelly. Swatch shows two coats on its own.

Vickie + Leia
 One coat of Leia over Vickie

Leia sandwiched between Vickie
 Added one more coat of Vickie for a jelly sandwich.

Zoya Libby
 Libby is a milky lavender jelly. Swatch shows two coats on its own.

Libby + Leia
 On pinky and ring finger I added one coat over Libby. Jelly sandwiched Leia on pointer and middle finger.

Zoya Princess
 Princess is a milky pink jelly. Swatch shows two coats on its own.

Princess + Leia
Again I added one coat of Leia on the pinky and ring fingers and sandwiched it on the pointer and middle fingers.

Zoya Leia
 Two coats of Leia in the sun.

Leia in the shade
Do you love these? Let me know what you thought of the trio below.

Available now at Get it for $20 with free shipping! And it includes the topper Leia! Use code KISS

*10 free formula

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